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Control technology in the field of energy and heat technology from the professional

In the field of industrial and municipal energy plants, we have specialised in project planning and design. Together with our partner, Caldarius Apparatebau GmbH, we offer you technology and technical know-how in plant engineering, each with more than 30 years of experience in both companies. In particular, we are your first point of contact for the measurement and control technology segment.

Measurement and control technology – what can you expect from us

RegeltechnikWe also offer professional control technology for your system in the sub-segments pressure, temperature, flow and level. Our offer is broadly diversified.
Our high-quality differential pressure transmitter can be used for flow protection in hot water systems, among others, as a component-tested measuring and switching device. We also supply your systems with various differential pressure measuring instruments, which are designed to display the differential pressure in gaseous and liquid media and can be equipped with various additional devices such as angle-of-rotation transducers and contacts. We also have modern pressure transmitters in our range which can be used for special control tasks in a wide variety of industrial sectors. A selection of pressure gauges with analogue output, which are also adapted to different industrial sectors and their special requirements, such as in the food and beverage industry, in the pulp industry and in other industrial applications, complete our range in the area of control of the required pressure in your system.
In the temperature control technology segment, we also offer various bimetal dial thermometers with analogue output. In addition, our range also includes industrial resistance thermometers as PT100 or double PT100 in paired design. You can also get the thermometer protection tubes made of standard or also high-quality materials such as titanium or Hastelloy, which are required for many pzocesses, from us.
In the field of flow control technology we can offer you a large selection of transmitters such as IDM flowmeters, mass flowmeters and ultrasonic flowmeters.
Universally applicable and pre-configured digital controllers for pressure, temperature, level or flow, as continuous or 3-point step controllers, round off our range.

Professional consulting and reliable measurement and control technology from Penke, Reineward & Co. GmbH

We not only convince our satisfied customers with innovative technical accessories, but also advise them professionally and individually adapted to the needs of their plant. Simply contact us.


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