Eccentric screw pumps

Progressive cavity pumps for uncomplicated pumping

Eccentric screw pumps are suitable for pumping a wide variety of dirty, highly viscous media and can be ordered in various designs according to expert design. Discover our wide range now and order high-quality progressive cavity pumps that match your individual requirement profile.


Eccentric screw pumps with universal range of application

Eccentric Screw PumpsWith the aid of an eccentric screw pump, a wide variety of different conveying projects can be implemented. The models available from us differ, for example, in terms of design. Our range includes, for example, eccentric screw pumps in close-coupled design, which are used in numerous applications ranging from environmental technology to the oil, food and chemical industries. We also offer designs with functional components such as rectangular and square feed hoppers. The functionality of the pump is optimised by appropriate equipment, which goes hand in hand with maximum user comfort. Some variants also have a sturdy coupling rod with transport screw, which underlines the diversity of our range.


Order a high-quality progressive cavity pump conveniently online

Regardless of your individual model selection, you benefit from numerous advantages with our progressive cavity pumps. With the associated equipment, you can achieve a pressure-stable and yet gentle delivery. In addition, our pumps are characterised by a practically unlimited field of application. Accordingly, the pumps are suitable for pumping media with and without a fixed component, so that a wide range of delivery charges can be implemented. Equipment features such as the high-quality pulsation dampers ensure unrestricted functionality at all times. If you have any questions about these pumps, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal either by e-mail or telephone and will advise you individually with our technical know-how!


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