Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers with the highest qualitative and innovative standards for a wide range of industrial technology sectors

In addition to the wide range of industrial products such as fittings, pumps as well as measuring and control technologies, the distribution of customized thermal systems is the focused core competence of our company. Due to our many years of experience in effective energy conversion and continuous development, we are your reliable contact for process engineering issues.

Combining technology, environment and economics

Our heat exchangers are the interface between technological possibilities and ecological conditions from the point of view of resource-optimizing planning. The effective energy conversion through our process engineering systems enables our customers to achieve enormous energy cost savings and efficiency gains.

Embodiments and areas of application

Penke, Reineward & Co. GmbH (LCC) designs heat exchangers individually for applications where different or identical media enable the effective exchange of heat energy. Most of them are used as gas/water, air/air, steam/water or air/oil. In addition, the technical and environmental components are adapted to the application, which results in the optimal design and shape of the systems.

These can be used in areas of energy recovery, air conditioning, food industry as well as emergency cooling systems, petro-chemistry, process technology and shipping, drying technology as well as environmental technology.

Product Range

Our range includes, among others, exhaust heat exchangers, condensate heat exchangers (capacitors), economisers, double tube heat exchangers, gas heat exchangers, in addition, you will receive aggregates for optimum heat transfer such as steam heat exchangers for the sewer installation, smooth tube heat exchanger as well as straight tube heat exchangers for exhaust gases or steam generators in horizontal design. Every heat exchanger is designed and configured in our house. Subsequently, the construction takes place in the production halls of our long-standing partner Caldarius Apparatebeu GmbH (LCC). Other important product branches consist of effective plate heat exchangers in soldered or welded versions. But it’s not just the heat exchangers themselves that you get from us. Important spare parts such as spare tube bundles are also available if required.

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