Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Drain valves and taps
Blowdown valves

manually or with regulation


manually or with program control

Butterfly valves
  • soft or metallic sealing 
  • as well as striking  pumps, standard pumps, penke,reineward
  • with hand lever or handwheel  
  • electric or pneumatic drive
Sewage submersible motor pumps
Containers of all kinds
  • Standard and in special design for     
  • water     
  • air     
  • condensate     
  • more media
Ventilation valves
Gasoline and oil separators for boiler houses
Well mirror measuring systems
Chemicals for water treatment
Steam boiler
Steam meter according to the vortex principle

with and without pressure and temperature compensation

Steam dryer
Steam conditioning     
  • with or without cooling
  • steam distribution     
  • Production according to drawing
Expansion screws
  • of any kind and shape
Sealing material
  • asbestos-free     
  • specially designed for your special requirements
Digital controller  
  •  as a steady regulator     
  • 3 point step or program knob
DISCO check valves
Dosing systems for all media
Dosing pumps
Rotating head for     
  • steam     
  • water     
  • thermal oil
Pressure sensor and indicator  
Pressure chamber made out of
  • steel
  • stainless steel
Pressure expander
Pneumatic fittings
Pressure reducer for    
  • steam     
  • air     
  • gases     
  • water     
  • direct or helper-controlled
pressure switch

with and without component index number

Flow meter for
  • gases     
  • liquids

for all uses

Stainless steel for all nominal pressure levels

on request with WAZ

Welded valve

for all media and nominal pressure levels

Progressive cavity pumps
remote thermometer

indicating and writing

Fittings made out of
  • malleable
  • steel
  • red brass
  • VA
Flanges made of steel
Liquid level indicators
  • glass tube
  • reflex
  • transparent
Foot-operated valves
Counterflow heat exchnager
Mechanical seals for
  • pump
  • further application
Graphite flakes

graphite powder

Hand pumps
High pressure pumps as
  • piston
  • multistage rotary pumps
Inductive flowmeters
Industrial electronics
Sewer rehabilitation plant
Flat-body wedge gate valve and oval pusher
Boiler feed pumps of all kinds
Flap indicator
Piston pumps
Compensators made out of

stainless steel

Compressors for special applications
Condensate and sewage pumps
Steam Traps  

of all makes

Condensate flash
Condensate lifting plant
Condensate pumps
Condensate recovery plant 
Condensate high-speed drain
Contact manometer
Rotary pumps and centrifugal pumps for
  • cold water     
  • hot water     
  • high pressure     
  • hot water ball valves     
  • with flange plug valves     

for bitum     made of stainless steel Plastic pumps Couplings for hose connections blowdown cooler Conductivity measuring systems for condensate Magnetic level gauge     also for special tasks Solenoid valves off     Brass     plastic     VA Man, head and hand rings out     Pure graphite with metal insert according to TRD 401     Rubber or fiber sealants manometer     without or with contact mechanically or electronically     with or without remote transmitter     mechanical or inductive     with diaphragm seal     (Paper stock, milk pipe or tongue) Manometer valves     with and without test connection Membrane expansion tanks     with quantity control Diaphragm pumps for viscous fluids Diaphragm valves for all applications     hand     electrical     or pneumatically operated Transmitter for     print     temperature     level     amount metal hoses     ready made Mixer taps for     steam     Cold     hot water Dairy taps off     stainless steel     aluminum engine valves     with stuffing box     or bellows Socket valves, socket valves and socket protectors     red brass     stole     stainless steel

Sample cooler

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