The measurement technology in the field of process plants

Measurement technology is a very important part of the project planning and optimal design of process engineering plants for thermal engineering and process engineering. As your partner for the technical trade with industrial products, we provide you with the necessary equipment for measurement and control technology to be able to carry out measurements and controls in the areas of pressure, temperature, flow or level at any time. Our product range includes a large selection of different measuring instruments, transmitters as well as controllers and indicators for the measured values to be determined. Our more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in the field of industrial process engineering for energy and heat technology will benefit you in the acquisition of various system parameters in this area.


Different areas of measurement technology and the necessary measuring instruments

There are many applications for which you can obtain the appropriate measuring instruments. Measuring instruments for pressure measurement, for example, are required in various areas such as the measurement of liquid pressure or differential pressure. In addition to the manual pressure gauges, you can obtain transmitters for fixed or variable measuring ranges and natural measuring instruments, some of which can be used as switching devices with adjustable contacts and also as continuous transmitters. In-line diaphragm seals and paper diaphragm seals are used in the food, beverage and pulp industries. Temperature measurements of various kinds can also be carried out precisely with the measuring technology provided by us. You will receive dial thermometers, machine thermometers or resistance thermometers as well as the corresponding protection tubes. Flow and level measurement is covered by IDM, mass or ultrasonic flowmeters. Measuring instruments from the field of level measurement such as magnetic flap indicators, level electrodes as well as level indicators with sight glasses or other level indicators with optical displays are part of the delivery program. The range of measurement technology is completed by products from the field of control technology such as digital controllers, indicators and switchgear.


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