Pump applications

Pumps convey and transport liquids

Pump Applications

Pumps are used anywhere where there is something to pump. Mostly they are used for transport of liquids. However, they can also be mixtures of liquids and solids as well as liquids with a certain proportion of gases. However, only devices that transport non-compressible substances are referred to as pumps. There are many different types of pumps that can be distinguished according to their operating principles. Positive displacement pumps, for example, belong to the group of self-priming pumps, the medium is pumped through closed volumes. They can be simple diaphragm pumps as well as rotary piston pumps, rotary piston pumps or gear pumps. They also include some special designs. Even the hearts of humans or animals could be described as positive displacement pumps in terms of their function. Flow pumps work differently. With them, the media flow through the pump housing. Typical designs of these types are centrifugal pumps and radial pumps. Jet pumps occupy a special position. With these pumps, the medium to be pumped is accelerated by a gas, steam or liquid jet.


Various types of pumps from our range

At Penke Reineward you will find different types of pumps such as those for use in irrigation and drainage, water supply, condensate pumping as well as designs for use in heating systems, boiler systems, air conditioning systems or pumps for heat transfer systems. The individual product groups are subdivided into different areas. For example, there are standard pumps that are ideally suited for the aforementioned areas of application. Other designs include high-pressure pumps with extreme flow rates and high pressures. Diaphragm pumps or metering pumps are used for process engineering metering processes and applications, while special process pumps with encapsulated motors are used for hygienic process applications. Submersible motor pumps or submersible motor pumps are immersed in the medium to be pumped and can convey it several meters upwards, for example to drain pits, shafts or cellars. Other pump types in this category are eccentric screw pumps or process pumps for special applications.


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