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Vessels, apparatus and plants from the heat technology specialist

Wärmetechnische BehälterWe are your partner, if you need high-quality and state-of-the-art products in the field of heat conversion. As a manufacturer and supplier of thermal tanks and systems, we have the complete range of this technology available for you. We can supply you with condensate technology equipment, flash tanks, steam and hot water distributors, associated pumps such as condensate pumps and feed water pumps, measuring equipment, seals (e.g. graphite seals, fibre gaskets and soft iron seals) and heat exchangers. The latter are available in numerous variants, from exhaust gas heat exchangers to finned tube heat exchangers, smooth tube heat exchangers and safety heat exchangers. It goes without saying that we are also able to supply your requirements for hot water heaters and pressure vessels in various designs to meet your individual requirements. Condensate tanks and feed water tanks are also part of our product portfolio. With our high-quality technology for thermal vessels and apparatus, the principle of not generating energy but converting it can be optimally and energy-efficiently fulfilled by our wide range of products.


Heat technology systems

We can also make you extensive offers in the field of complete thermal plants. These include, for example, hot water distributors made of steel with mounted fittings, as well as complete plate heat exchanger stations. Also condensate collecting tanks with accessories as complete station and economiser, equipped with insulation, fittings and modern measuring technology, belong to our delivery offer. All components are completely assembled by us. You are welcome to inform yourself here on our website about our extensive product range for process engineering modules and our products for thermal engineering. You will also find all contact details on our website so that we can advise you without obligation if you have any questions about our products. We have all the relevant certificates that guarantee the high quality and precision of our products in the tank and plant segment as well. In addition to our headquarters in Germany, our products for plants and tanks can also be purchased in Belgium through our competent sales partners, TAS.


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